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IR Policy / Disclaimer

This section provides IR policy and Disclaimer.


IR Policy

Basic Disclosure Policy

Daikyo aims to make the Group more trustworthy and valuable among shareholders and other investors by fairly and appropriately disclosing accurate information on its management strategies, corporate activities, financial position, and other aspects of its business. The Company will also endeavor to have the capital markets properly reflect its corporate value.

Disclosure Standard

Daikyo discloses information in keeping with the relevant laws and ordinances of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company shall do its best to enhance understanding of its operations by disclosing useful information outside the scope of timely disclosure rules, including the contents of announcements at results briefings. An exception would be information that is inappropriate to present for competitive reasons.

Disclosure Method

The Company adheres to timely disclosure rules by presenting information through the Timely Disclosure Network(TDnet) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and promptly posts this information on the Company’s Website. The Company discloses securities reports and other such documents through the Electronic Disclosure for Investors’ NETwork(EDINET) of the Financial Services Agency.

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Quiet Period

The Company endeavors to prevent financial results leaks and ensure fairness by observing a quiet period from the day after the end of a quarterly accounting term through to the results announcement. The Company does not respond to questions about results or comment on them during the quiet period. If it becomes apparent, however, that results for the relevant period will differ materially from projections, the Company will present that information in line with timely disclosure rules. During the quiet period, the Company will disclose information that does not relate to results and answer questions about information that it has already made public.


The investor relations and results contents of this website provide financial, management, and other information about DAIKYO INCORPORATED and its Group companies (the “Group”), and make no warranties of any kind.

The material is not an investment solicitation. You should base investment decisions on your own judgment.

Plans, forecasts, strategies, and other statements that are not historical fact constitute forward-looking results-related statements based on management’s judgments in light of available information. Statements may accordingly differ from actual results.

Although management pays close attention to information disclosed in this website, there could be inaccuracies. Note also that the information is subject to removal or change without notice.

The Group is not responsible for any problems, losses, or damage incurred from using this website or the information therein.

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