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Efforts to Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels

This section provides our efforts to improve customer satisfaction levels.


Efforts to Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels : ISO10002/JISQ10002

Daikyo Incorporated complies with JISQ10002 Quality management—Customer satisfaction—Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations. To this end, we formulated our “Basic Guidelines for Customer Satisfaction” and “Code of Conduct for Customer Responses.” We also established rules based on those guidelines and will continue working actively to improve our customer responses.

Basic Guidelines for Customer Satisfaction

At Daikyo, we will take the opinions of customers into serious consideration and use foresight to identify their needs. We will then pursue levels of comfort that customers can actually feel as we practice customer value management through the provision of optimal housing and services. By creating and continuously delivering customer lifetime value, we will seek to earn the enduring confidence of customers and also meet the requirements of a society that demands compliance. In these ways, we will become the company of choice for customers.

Code of Conduct for Customer Responses

  • Placing top priority on requests from customers, we shall respond swiftly and appropriately as a united organization.
  • We shall respect and appreciate the rights of customers, accept their opinions, and act with due consideration to fairness, transparency, ease, and responsiveness.
  • We shall share the opinions of customers in-house and make continuous improvements by reflecting those opinions in product development, product enhancement, service improvement, and the like, and we shall allocate managerial resources appropriately to these ends.
  • With top priority on legal compliance, we shall make resolute responses to unreasonable requests.
  • We shall handle the personal information of customers appropriately while complying with relevant laws, in-house standards, and the like.
  • We shall build a framework to meet ISO10002/JISQ10002 Quality management–Customer satisfaction–Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations.
Framework for Reflecting
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