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This section provides our Sustainability.

President and Representative Executive Officer Kazuo Kojima

Becoming a Company That Provides New Added Value to Address Customers’ Issues

Daikyo intends to achieve sustainable growth by continuing to listen closely to its customers as it always has and by implementing customer value management that embodies the latent needs and wants of customers.

President and Representative Executive Officer
Kazuo Kojima

Identifying Materiality

The Daikyo Group has identified materiality to be tackled based on the following process and decided on three social issues that need to be resolved.

Step 1: Identifying issues

We identified social issues that are related to the Daikyo Group from among the Management Philosophy, Medium-term Management Plan and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Identifying issues

Step 2: Analyzing issues

We analyzed issues from the dual perspectives of the Daikyo Group’s medium- to long-term business operations and stakeholders. Then we conducted an examination and deliberation with top management and experts.

Step 3: Specifying issues

After specifying materiality from among issues analyzed in step 2, we categorized them into the following three themes.

  1. Creating Ties between People and Buildings
  2. Development That Is Gentle on the Environment
  3. Becoming a Trustworthy Company for All Stakeholders
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